Beauty Beat // Lip Stuff

Hello all! Here’s hoping everyone had a b-e-a-utiful Memorial Day weekend, full of rest, relaxation, and thanks. If you’re a giant stickler and you’re noticing that *gasp* I did not post a foodie post on Monday, then I apologize, as I was too busy stuffing my face with said food to take any pictures of it and create posts about it.


Just a few pinks from my collection.

 Today is my very first beauty post, and this one here is going to be about…. LIP STUFF! Lip stuff, defined as anything that I carelessly slather on my lips, is probably one of my biggest beauty obsessions. I am on the never-ending hunt for the perfect lip product that leaves me with a hint of color, doesn’t dry me out, and doesn’t feel like I have a tablespoon of honey smeared on my lips. Today’s post will feature 4 of my recent faves (I technically have 45 favorites, but for the sake of a “short” post…), and I’ll even give you my reviews based on my very professional beauty opinion! Let’s do this!!


Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain-  This product is one of my favorites, mostly because it is super moisturizing, comes in a wide range of colors (I usually have this one on summer rotation) and textures (think mattes and high-shines), and feels very lightweight when applied. It’s also easily layered and the color builds without looking gunky. Oh, and I LOVE a good pencil lippie. They make for easy, mirror-less application. Plus, you can’t beat the price point!

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain– I found this last summer, and it quickly became a favorite. When it’s first applied, it feels slightly sticky (which I hate), but it quickly dries into a very silky, non-sticky formula (which I love). It’s a weird, hybrid gloss/stain combo, but the colors are amazing and very sheer. This is a great, wear every day sort of lip product. I have this color and this color and they look great with slightly tanned skin in the summer.

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon I LOVE these lip crayons. They are 100% natural, which is a giant perk (and another post for another day), and they are super moisturizing, just like your regular ol’ yellow tube of Burt’s Bees. I only have two of these, but this color is so pretty, I wear it almost every day. They have a really rich pigment that sticks around for quite awhile, and they are backed and created by makeup artist Katy Denno, so you know they are the real deal.

Covergirl Colorlicious Lipstick– I typically dislike lipsticks (see the above for proof), but I took a chance on this one after reading about it on LoveTaza. It’s not your typical lipstick in that it is isn’t chalky or cakey. In fact, it’s very sheer, lightweight, and fairly moisturizing. I keep this shade in my bathroom and swipe some on before I leave the house most days, but I also have this shade for when I’m feeling spunky (I read somewhere that Drew Barrymore wears this color, and I immediately went to Target and bought it).

That’s it! I’m curious to hear your thoughts and concerns about my line up. What do you wear? I’m always looking for new and exciting stuff to try, so leave me your suggestions in the comments!